Antique Skeleton Clocks

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Top Quality Victorian London Fusee Skeleton Clock from Sturmans Antiques Ltd

This is a top quality 19th Century Victorian antique single fuse skeleton clock Original chain drive to the four pillar movement Silvered pierced dial with makers name FSienger of Notting


$1,711 €1,513

Small Skeleton Clock - Charles Brown Edinburgh from Athey Antiques

Fine quality small skeleton clock by Charles Brown of 4 Bristo Street Edinburgh 8 day chain driven fusee movement silvered and engraved chapter ring with makers name and mounted on


$1,520 €1,344

19th Century Skeleton Clock from Cross Antiques

A smart 19th Cent skeleton clock fitted with a single chain fusee movement The skeleton plates are in brass and have a smart spire design The brass dial is engraved


$859 €760

A Skeleton Timepiece Clock from Walton House Antiques Ltd

An Antique Skeleton Timepiece single train fusee movement with 4-spoked wheels in architectural plates silvered chapter ring base with silvered plaque signed Grant Bros Exeter Torquay glazed domec1860All of


$2,973 €2,630

Victorian Skeleton Mantel Clock with Dome c.1870 from Antique Ethos

Aqualitysingle fusee skeleton mantle clock with period dome Delicately cast and finished brass scroll plates Silvered chapter ring with blackRoman numerals and blued steel moon hands Recoil anchor escapement with


$1,520 €1,344

Mid-19th Century Brass Skeleton Clock with Glass Dome by Broderick, Preston from Antique Ethos

An elegant quality early Victorian single fusee skeleton clock signed Broderick Preston Delicately cast and finished brass scroll plates with finely crossed five-spoke wheels Silvered chapter ring with engraved Roman


$1,949 €1,724

19th Century Skeleton Clock from Graham Smith Antiques Ltd

A middle of the 19th century polished brass skeleton clock and glass dome The clock has an eight day fuzee movement with a passing strike on the hour and a


$2,577 €2,279

8 Day Fusee Skeleton Clock from Victoria Antiques

Here we have for sale an oval skeleton clock on a marble base with 8 day movement and passing strike it under a dome which has a crack to the


$727 €643

Antique 8 Day Skeleton Clock from Victoria Antiques

This is an antique fusee 19th Century antique 8 day skeleton clock with passing strike mounted on a marble base No dome but In good working order


$595 €526