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1908-1910 11" Steiff Cloth Farmer Doll (1 of 1)
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1908-1910 11" Steiff Cloth Farmer Doll

REF: 13417 / LA26727
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This lovely antique Steiff doll retains his Steiff button in his left-hand ear. We believe him to be a farmer (ref. Jurgen & Marianne Cieslik, 'Button in Ear', p. 147, illus. 435). He is hard-stuffed with a felt finish and a centre-seam. He has black boot-button eyes, a round tummy, and integral leather shoes. He is wearing his original tunic with stitched flower detail around the neck and sleeves, felt collar and black ribbon bowtie, and black felt hat. He has the remains of some writing on his right foot. He has jointed limbs.


27.5 CM


Slade's Antiques has clarified that the 1908-1910 11" Steiff Cloth Farmer Doll (LA26727) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being 1908-1910


Overall in good condition for his age, but with some playwear. He is overall grubby and discoloured wth age. His eyes have some scuffing. His has some moth holing and damage in places, including behind his left-hand ear, to the back of his neck at the right-hand side, to his tummy and back, and to the bottom of his feet. His hat was originally stitched on to his head, but is now loose. His tunic has some pulling to the fabric. His leather shoes are scuffed and worn. His hat is a little squashed.

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This 1908-1910 11" Steiff Cloth Farmer Doll is located in Banbury, UK

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