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Absolutely Beautiful Wax Relief Portrait of Unknown Woman (1 of 10)
The Three MusCATeers
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Absolutely Beautiful Wax Relief Portrait of Unknown Woman

REF: LA457417
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Certified DealerApproved listingFree Delivery
This portrait I believe would date to the very beginning of the 1800s and what struck at my heart was both the youth and anonymity of the subject and of course her beauty. There was something so much more intimate about this piece not being a famous General or Member of Royalty it also made the fact it has survived more special as the plaster moulds for these wax portraits would have produced far greater numbers of wax miniatures of the famous people to sell than that of an unknown young woman, although I am pretty certain that more than one wax portrait was produced of her to give to friends and family. The wax of this miniature is pinky in tone and it looks like it sits on the usual painted glass back but I am not 100% certain. The frame which I think is likely to be the original one is not small measuring approx 18cm in diameter and its form reminds me of a porthole with its three staggered levels. It is made I think from wood painted black to look like ebony and is highlighted at its rims in gilt.
Framed:- Diameter 18cm Depth 4cm Glass Aperture:- Diameter 9.5cm Wax Portrait:- Height 6cm Width 5cm
The Three MusCATeers has clarified that the Absolutely Beautiful Wax Relief Portrait of Unknown Woman (LA457417) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being c.1810
The wax miniature is in very good condition with no cracks that I can see, there are a couple of tiny areas of what look like the paint of the backing on her and these are on her bottom edge and on her ear. The frame is in sound condition and I have not done a thing to it, since I acquired it, I have not even attempted to clean the glass but as you can see from the photo the frame has no backing to it and I am going to leave it to its new owner to decide whether to put a new one on and clean the glass. I also want to point out that I found her fiendishly difficult to photograph and I apologise for the reflections in the glass.
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This Absolutely Beautiful Wax Relief Portrait of Unknown Woman is located in Kent, United Kingdom

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