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Art Nouveau Table or Desk Lamp (1 of 1)
artsncraftsfurniture is located in Brecon Beacons, United Kingdom

Art Nouveau Table or Desk Lamp

REF: art nouveau lamp / LA79818
This is a sweet, attractive Art Nouveau lamp which can be used on a table or a desk or even a bedside table. The lamp is missing one screw where there are three to hold the shade in place. These screws are relatively common. There is no shade. All this is reflected in the asking price which is half price, not bad for a screw and a shade which can be easily found and the shade can match ones taste. Possibly French in origin or Belgium, could be British but I think not. The lamp is easily adjustable in two places.


340 MM
15 MM
75 MM


artsncraftsfurniture has clarified that the Art Nouveau Table or Desk Lamp (LA79818) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being Art Nouveau


In good condition .Unpolished but would look so much better buffed up depending on ones taste .The base is heavy to keep the lamp in position and is 150mm by 75mm as measurements. The lamp works but is not sold with any safety certificates .Please Note.

additional info

Date of Manufacture:
Art Nouveau


Postage free.


This Art Nouveau Table or Desk Lamp is located in Brecon Beacons, United Kingdom

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