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Arts & Crafts / Art Nouveau Cabinet

REF: art&craftcabinet / LA77849
Better photos to follow. A stunning cabinet inlaid with various woods. The piece at the top can be detached. Superb quality of the highest really and almost attributable to Shapland and Petter. Pure Glasgow school. The cabinet is compact. The depth on the sides is 362 mm and on the top projection is 438 mm.There are back panels of varying thickness 8-9 is the thickest panel and the other panels are less thick So one could argue the actual thickness of the sides are 362 plus 8 mm =370 The actual thickness at the top is 438 plus 8 =446 mm. The width across the two upright vertical sides is 1077 mm . The width between the two projections is 1220 mm. The height is 1660 mm plus the detachable top which is 206 mm The true height then is 1660 plus 206 =1866 mm.


1866 MM
1221 MM
439 MM


artsncraftsfurniture has clarified that the Arts & Crafts / Art Nouveau Cabinet (LA77849) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being Arts & Crafts


Almost restored ,still requires two small panes of glass,a quick clean and buffing up as it was restored sympathetically and has been stood still for a year. Very heavy and well made. One key opens and locks all three doors.

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Arts & Crafts


Can be hand delivered to your home .


This Arts & Crafts / Art Nouveau Cabinet is located in Brecon Beacons, United Kingdom

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