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Darling Treacle Glazed Victorian Rabbit Staffordshire Money Bank (1 of 10)
The Three MusCATeers
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I am a small private dealer with a love for small decorative items predominantly from the Georgian and Victorian periods each with their own beauty. A beauty that is not always expected.
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Darling Treacle Glazed Victorian Rabbit Staffordshire Money Bank

REF: LA457397
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Certified DealerApproved listingFree Delivery
These boxes or banks would have been produced relatively cheaply as the only easy access to the money saved within was to smash the box to smithereens, but this box must of meant more to its owner than that money held within (or they managed to fish the money out with a knife and a lot of patience). And I completely get why the owner of this money bank would not want to destroy it. It is I think most likely made by one of the Staffordshire Potteries in the middle of the Victorian era circa 1870 and is in the form of a recumbent rabbit. The rabbit sits of an oval base of what looks like pressed flowers, he holds in his paws what looks like a nut and is covered in this beautiful treacle coloured glaze. The Slot for the dropping of the coins is quite large and is simply cut into the top of his back.
7.5 cm
11 cm
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The Three MusCATeers has clarified that the Darling Treacle Glazed Victorian Rabbit Staffordshire Money Bank (LA457397) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being c.1870
This little Money Bank is in very good condition. I do think someone may have had a go with a knife at some point trying to get the money out as the glaze is a little chipped in the slot. This little guy does seem wonderfully free from damage, there is however a spit in the front of the base, which is I think where the two moulded pieces were not completely smoothed together and is not damage. Also around the very edge of the base there are little bits of white clay showing which I think is either where that thick glaze has not gone right to the bottom or in a couple of instances it may have been chipped away.
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This Darling Treacle Glazed Victorian Rabbit Staffordshire Money Bank is located in Kent, United Kingdom

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