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Exceptionally Large 19th Century French Anduze Planter - Boisset (1 of 25)
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Exceptionally Large 19th Century French Anduze Planter - Boisset

REF: LA446942
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Certified DealerApproved listing245 sales by dealer
Extremely large early 19th century French glazed terracotta Vase d'Anduze from the Boisset family - formally the Gautier workshop, of campagna form Featuring cabochons and swags. Inscribed 'fait par Boisset, Anduze 1814'. Displaying a beautifully worn patina - Originally the glaze would have been applied in green, brown and yellow streaks. The Anduze range of pots originated from the Cévennes mountain ranges of Southern France. Most specifically in Anduze which is located at the foot of the Cevennes range. These handmade terracotta glazed pots were handcrafted, initially to house orange and lemon trees in many of the Manor houses, large parks, and historical sites throughout Provence. Today, they can often be found on their own or as part of a pair as highly decorative pieces of pottery. The first of these vases originate from the Anduze region and date from the early 16th century part of the Gautier workshop. A family of potters established in the region. During the last quarter of the 18th century, Louis Etienne Boisset took over the workshop. Learning his craft from his Uncle Gautier of the famed Gautier workshop. This pot dates from the early 19th century - circa 1814. Those Anduze pots that have stood the test of time have travelled across the world and sit proudly in many gardens and interiors. The craftsmanship of these fabulous antique pots presents a beautiful patina that can only be achieved from hundreds of years of wear and use. To this date, many gardens and parks are decorated with these masterpieces giving them a royal, and grand allure. Many designers will often include these antique urns or large planters in their garden designs or interiors. We would recommend that this pot is used inside - or very well protected from the frost and elements if placed outdoors.
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80 cm
Pappilon has clarified that the Exceptionally Large 19th Century French Anduze Planter - Boisset (LA446942) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being c.1814
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