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Fanny Peers' Beautiful Silver Card Case Gifted to Her in 1902 (1 of 11)
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Fanny Peers' Beautiful Silver Card Case Gifted to Her in 1902

REF: LA465149
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Certified DealerApproved listingFree Delivery
This is the Silver Card Case of Fanny W Peers, from Rostherne, Old Hills, Staffordshire and carries the date January 1st 1902. Often it is seen as undesirable to have a cartouche engraved with the name or initials of the person who owned it, but not for me, not this time. And although the Cartouche is wonderful and makes this Card Case quite unique the card case itself really is very beautiful. The case is silver and carries wonderfully crisp hallmarks, it was assayed in Birmingham in 1900/01 and has the makers mark J.G. which I believe is for the silversmith's Joseph Gloster. It is engraved with the most wonderful swirls and stylised Acanthus leaves and the engraving is so wonderfully bright. I have tried to research who Fanny W Peers was to find out about her life but alas I have found no information on the internet. The auction house though believed this was a gift given to Fanny on her 32nd Birthday with her full name being Fanny Wright Peers 1870-1949, also with this information I still could find no other information about Fanny. But for me I have to say Fanny's Card Case was pretty special because never before have I seen one with the owners address engraved upon it.
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The Three MusCATeers has clarified that the Fanny Peers' Beautiful Silver Card Case Gifted to Her in 1902 (LA465149) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being 1902
This card case is in the most wonderful condition, in fact I wonder whether it was ever used. There are no dents or dings in it that I can see. The hinge is still strong with no play and the lid fits both tightly and securely opening with ease. The gilt interior of the case is still bright. And the hallmarks are wonderfully crisp, indeed there are two sets of hallmarks a full set on the bottom of the case with the lion passant for sterling silver and the date mark of 'a' only on the lid. There is also a lone hallmark on the other side of the case close to the hinge of the letter 'M', which I am not sure what it refers to.
This Fanny Peers' Beautiful Silver Card Case Gifted to Her in 1902 is located in Kent, United Kingdom

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