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French School Impressionist Portrait Intriguing Provenance c.1895 (1 of 1)
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French School Impressionist Portrait Intriguing Provenance c.1895

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From the family of Henri Rouart friend of Degas and Renoir. An intriguing portrait of a young woman deep in thought, unsigned and dating to around 1895. The sitter bears a strong resemblance to Helene, the wife of the French industrialist Henri Rouart. She would have been the appropriate age at the time of this portrait. Rouart was a school friend of Degas and a patron of many of the major impressionist painters. Both Henri and Helene are known to have sat for Degas and other Impressionist painters. Henri was an exceptional collector and many of his paintings are housed in the finest museums and galleries in the world. He was also an accomplished painter in his own right. Provenance:- A copy of a purchase invoice from an auction in Nancy, France is available to the purchaser. The painting is described as coming from Berger, descendants of Henri Stanislas Rouart. Ernst Rouart and Joseph Berger.


Fox Fine Art has clarified that the French School Impressionist Portrait Intriguing Provenance c.1895 (LA77230) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being c.1895


Generally in good order. There are two scratches bottom left which have been touched in. The painting does not appear to be varnished and has a pleasing chalky appearance to the paint surface. Presented in a Montparnasse frame of later date.

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