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Set of Four Victorian Candle Shield Shades (1 of 1)
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Set of Four Victorian Candle Shield Shades

REF: 13563 / LA25465
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This unusual set of four antique candle shield shades have metal frames with a clip which would have attached to a candle or light fitting. The shades are made from cardboard with printed inset illustrations featuring various scenes (all are different) and hand-painted decoration. The clips are marked 'G.M.' with further lettering we have been unable to identifty. We would estimate the shades to date from the second half of the nineteenth century, although they could be earlier.


12 CM


Slade's Antiques has clarified that the Set of Four Victorian Candle Shield Shades (LA25465) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being 1870s


Overall in fair condition with some wear and damage consistent with age and use. The metal frames have some surface rusting and corrosion, and overall the shades are grubby and discoloured. They are squashed and misshapen with some creasing, tears and abrasions. One of the shades has a hole in and this shade has a few more grubby marks than the others. The paintwork is faded.

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This Set of Four Victorian Candle Shield Shades is located in Banbury, UK

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