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George Philcox - Clockmaker

George Philcox (born 1795) was a prolific clock, watch and chronometer maker, who as indicated in various research sources, often moved from one operating location to another…Between 1826 to 1835, he had apparently relocated to London and was based at Chatham Street, Borough. 

However, between the 12-year period of 1835 to 1847, he was registered at several different and singular locations: 24 Great Dover Street, Southwark (1835-36); 11 Wellington Street, London Bridge, (1836-39); 7 Southwark Square, Southwark (1839-42); 22 Southwark Square, Southwark (1842-45) and 247 Borough High Street, Southwark (1845-47). By 1861, it appears that he had moved away from the city altogether, being listed as working and living from 5 Howard Street, Reading, Berkshire, yet by 1871, he was back in central London at 7 Lower Smith Street, Clerkenwell, in the heart of the then, thriving London watchmaking community, which may offer a reason as to why he moved back to the city. By 1874 he had moved once again within the Clerkenwell district, this time to Northampton Road.

Philcox registered two Patents during his lifetime, both relating to chronometers and there timekeeping. The first, (named the “Diamond Lever Escapement” and numbered 8145) was registered in July 1839, whilst working from Wellington Street, London Bridge. The second, (numbered 11177), being registered in April 1846, whilst at Borough High Street, Southwark. (Both these patents were marketed sometime later in 1853, by the ‘Patent Chronometer Watch and Clock Co.’, at 2 Winchester Buildings, Old Broad Street, London!) Continuing to produce high-quality timepieces until c1875, Philcox eventually passed away in 1878 aged 83, at the draconian sounding “Watchmakers Asylum”, in New Southgate, North London.

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