12/10/2023 6:59:4

Harry Walton - Artist

Harry Walton was a true artist with a single minded approach to art and the exclusion of all else. He enrolled at Leicester College of art after the war but found that the teaching methods did not suit his approach to art and was therefore mainly self taught. His great love of Jazz was an early influence on his development of abstract painting and this can be seen in the colour, vibrancy and texture of his work. He exhibited widely throughout the UK and in his native Leicestershire from the early 1950’s to the late 80’s always searching for new techniques and subjects. His works are powerful and challenging with great use of colour and texture. Harry’s work displays a fine use of colour, form and texture. He often intentionally painted over earlier works to add relief to the picture, making it stand proud of the board or canvas. He died in 2009.

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