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William Wyld - Artist

William Wyld RI (1806-1889) was a landscape and topographical painter, mainly in watercolour, also lithographer. Pupil of Louis Francia. For a time secretary to the British Consul at Calais. Lived mostly in Paris, where he became a close friend of Bonnington. His drawings of Paris, where he became a close friend of Bonningtons.

His drawings of Paris are remarkably close to Bonnington in style and subject. Exhibited mainly at NWS. Also RA 1852-1854 and BI. Elected Ari 1849, RI 1879. He painted English and French landscapes and views, and also views in other parts of Europe, especially Venice. He played an important part in the development of watercolour in France. He was awarded two medals at the Salon, and given the Legion d’Honneurin 1855.

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