Selling Antiques Online

Although LoveAntiques only allows genuine antique dealers to sell antiques online, website visitors are more than welcome to contact any of our dealers to sell their antique and vintage items.

If you’re a certified dealer and you want to sell antiques online, then you might be interested in signing up to LoveAntiques.



When selling antiques online, dealers should think about the following tips and tricks:

  • Description – Most antiques have a story and the product description is really important to sell the item.  Take your time and let the buyer know the full story and history of the item and not just about the antique itself. Detailed descriptions will also give your antiques more online presence, as search engines such as Google pick up more key words in longer and more detailed content.
  • Image –This is arguably the most important part of selling online. First impressions count and can make you stand out from the crowd. Good presentation can also help you achieve higher prices for your antiques.
  1. Take the photograph with good lighting - preferably natural light.
  2. Get the whole antique in shot, and if you’re photographing smaller items, use a plain sheet of A3 folded against a wall, and a lamp above the item – this allows the smaller item to stand-alone. 
  3. Don’t be afraid to stage items or use props alongside your antiques.

  • Social media – If you’ve listed a product on a sales platform, such as or on your own website.  Be sure to put the link on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook to build item interest. 


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