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Antique Colonial Hardwood Merchants Chest (1 of 1)
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Antique Colonial Hardwood Merchants Chest

REF: LA75846
Here we have this antique Colonial hardwood chest, that has decorative iron strappings. The strappings of an unusual arrowhead design, applied around the edges. The top with a half hinged top, opens to reveal a full storage area. The chest stands on turned hardwood feet. These make fantastic coffee tables, that give not only a great practical use but also the magical conversation pieces as you and your friends can imagine the adventures this has been through. Also with iron straps to protect the box on its journeys, on the trading routes in the East. Wealthy traders and people of importance, would need strong boxes like this, to transport silks and valuables on the rigours of long journeys. Imagine the stories this could tell, whether being lashed on a deck of a sailing boat, or on the wagons and camel transport as they made their way to the palaces or trading places deep into the Orient.


51 CM
103.5 CM
66 CM


Hingstons Antiques has clarified that the Antique Colonial Hardwood Merchants Chest (LA75846) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being 19th Century



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Date of Manufacture:
19th Century


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This Antique Colonial Hardwood Merchants Chest is located in Salisbury, United Kingdom

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