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Barograph by Bailey, Birmingham (4 of 4)
Richard Twort
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Barograph by Bailey, Birmingham

REF: LA331531
This is an interesting barograph by R Bailey, Bennetts Hill, Birmingham, the well known scientific instrument retailers. The case is in mid-oak with an all glass lid and the visible movement is finished in a golden lacquer with the square base in a dark bronze colour. Engraved on the brass cross bar is the number 22556. This is a registration reference by Short & Mason in 1904, stating 'use of aneroid underneath slab and easier to adjust'. Short and Mason were an important manufacturer of meteorological instruments and exported their products all over the world including to their North American agents, Taylor Instruments, Rochester, New York. See the extract from Taylors book, Weather and Weather Instruments dated 1908 detailing this particular instrument. A quantity of charts and fresh ink will be included.


195 mm
314.9 mm
173 mm


Richard Twort has clarified that the Barograph by Bailey, Birmingham (LA331531) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being circa 1910


Excellent condition for its age

additional info

Date of Manufacture:
circa 1910


Collect, Courier, Parcel force


This Barograph by Bailey, Birmingham is located in Weston-super-Mare, UK

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