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Full Length Silhouette of Aunt Theodosia of The Adams Family (1 of 10)
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Full Length Silhouette of Aunt Theodosia of The Adams Family

REF: LA444262
Certified DealerApproved listing
Certified DealerApproved listing
Here is I think a finely executed cut out silhouette of a woman wearing a heavy dress hand holding in her hand a book which I would think would be The Bible. There is detailed highlighting to her bonnet and collar, with bronzing used only for the book, her rings and what looks like a mourning brooch. The verso on the reverse identifies her as Theodosia Sister of Sarah Adams who married William Adams. William Adams was one of the three North Staffordshire cousins carrying the same name all of whom had Potteries the most famous being William Adams I. This William Adams is the III identified by the mention of Fenton Hall who manufactured blue and white earthenware and with his son of the same name opened a business in America. The silhouette sits in a later frame which I think is made from wood which has been painted a rich bronze colour, and it certainly is very heavy and from the 'celtic like' decoration around the sounds I think would date to the early 1900s. I imagine it was once, one of a large family group as I have also acquired her niece Sarah/Elizabeth which I am also selling separately as sadly it seems that the rest have been separated over time and it is for that reason I am selling them separately so they can be appreciated in their own right.
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The Three MusCATeers has clarified that the Full Length Silhouette of Aunt Theodosia of The Adams Family (LA444262) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being c.1830
The silhouette is in good condition, the paper has darkened with age but not as much as Sarah/Elizabeth but it does have some marks on it which I hope you can see from the photographs. Again there is no foxing that I can see. The frame as I have already mentioned is a later addition and there is a loss to the pattern on one side. Again like Sarah/Elizabeth I had a hanger professionally applied as the original had been lost.
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This Full Length Silhouette of Aunt Theodosia of The Adams Family is located in Kent, United Kingdom

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