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Glorious Victorian Bronze Pig Pen Wipe (1 of 9)
The Three MusCATeers
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I am a small private dealer with a love for small decorative items predominantly from the Georgian and Victorian periods each with their own beauty. A beauty that is not always expected.
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Glorious Victorian Bronze Pig Pen Wipe

REF: LA442354
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Certified DealerApproved listingFree Delivery
This Bronze Pig Pen Wipe has impressed on his head the name 'Dinant' which I believe is a beautiful small town in Belgium with a history of artisanship in Bronze, Brass and Copper product. So it is likely that this little guy would have been a Souvenir Gift from a Grand Tour of Europe. In fact he is not so little measuring approx 4" in length. He is large and solid with I think a wonderful naive quality to him with his large body, his pointed snout and the two simple circles for eyes, but it is those ears for me they simply shout 'Pig'. The bristles sitting in the pig which one would have cleaned one's nib through are like most Pen Wipes of this age likely to be made of Hog Hair.
6 cm
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The Three MusCATeers has clarified that the Glorious Victorian Bronze Pig Pen Wipe (LA442354) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being c.1880
This pen wipe is in very good condition. The name 'Dinant' is not showing fully but I think this was a fault at the time of manufacture. The first photo I think to be the best representation of the colour of the bronze. He sits solidly on a surface. His bristles I believe sit unattached within him and an odd bristle has escaped.
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This Glorious Victorian Bronze Pig Pen Wipe is located in Kent, United Kingdom

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