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Harrods Oak Refectory Draw-Leaf Dining Table (1 of 1)
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Harrods Oak Refectory Draw-Leaf Dining Table

REF: LA75660
Here we have this high quality Harrods oak refectory table, that has pull out leaves to make the table longer. This table has its Harrods label attached to the underframe. The table has superb turned and carved bulbous end supports, and also carving to the frieze on the underframe. The rectangular top with its extension leaves under. This table is very easy to transport, and move around the home as the top lifts off, the 2 leaves lift out, to leave the base to carry into or around the home to put in place. This table would have been intentionally antiqued in the workshop when it was first made, and now after nearly 100years of use, it now looks  even better than it would have done when it first went onto Harrods shop floor. Imagine when this table was first delivered, it would have been taken on a Harrods removal wagon, drawn by horses, to the owners home. Where the Harrods porters would have then unloaded this high quality dining table into the home.


Hingstons Antiques has clarified that the Harrods Oak Refectory Draw-Leaf Dining Table (LA75660) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being c.1920


In superb condition.

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This Harrods Oak Refectory Draw-Leaf Dining Table is located in Salisbury, United Kingdom

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