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Oil Portrait of Prince  RAkoczi I of Transylvania (1 of 1)
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Oil Portrait of Prince RAkoczi I of Transylvania

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FINE OIL PORTRAIT OF FRANCIS I RAKOCZI IN ARMOUR & CONTINENTAL SCHOOL. This fine depiction of a warrior, an arresting image, full of drama, is a portrait of the Transylvanian Prince Francis I Rakoczi (Rákóczi Ferenc) and is a Unique and rare find discovered hanging last in Devizes Castle in Wiltshire United Kingdom. The sitter, his armour draped with a wolfskin cloak, his expression fierce, looks to the right of the viewer. Drawing his sword it seems as if Rakoczi has seen a threat approaching and takes action to defend himself. This portrait painting dates around c1800-1820 and is by an unknown but competent hand, perfectly capturing the spirit of this 17th century warrior. The portrait itself has a fine bravura quality with a painterly delight in using the medium, especially in the treatment of the light on Rakoczi's armour. ABOUT THE SITTER FRANCIS I RAKOCZI (1645 Transylvania – 1676 Royal Hungary) was a Hungarian aristocrat, Prince of Transylvania and father of Hungarian national hero Francis II Rákóczi. He was the son of George II Rákóczi, Prince of Transylvania, and Zsófia Báthori and became Prince of Transylvania in 1652 but lost his kingdom after the Turkish invasion of 1660 and withdrew to his Castle Palanok. He converted to Roman Catholicism under the influence of his mother Sophia. In 1666 Francis married Jelena Zrinska (Ilona Zrínyi in Hungarian), a Croatian countess, and joined the Wesselényi conspiracy (Zrinski-Frankopan conspiracy in Croatia), one leader of which was Jelena's father, Petar Zrinski (Hungarian: Zrínyi Péter). Francis soon became the leader of the conspiracy, and, as a culmination of their anti-Habsburg stratagems, started an armed uprising of nobles in Upper Hungary, while the other conspirators were supposed to start the fight in Croatia. Due to poor organization and discord between the conspirators, however, the Austrian authorities were well informed they quickly suppressed the Croatian branch of the revolt. When Rákóczi was informed of his father in law Petar Zrinski being captured by the Austrians, he laid down his weapons and applied for mercy. For a ransom of 300,000 Forints and several castles he was pardoned. Francis I had 3 children - György (1667) Julianna Borbála (1672–1717) and Francis II (1676–1735), the future ruling prince of Hungary and leader of a war of independence named after him, who was born a few months before his father's death in 1676. PROVENANCE: Last Hung at Devizes Castle in Wiltshire. (See Image showing an aerial view of Devizes Castle). TELEPHONE ENQUIRIES 07765 856171 Anytime EMAIL: enquiries@mansionhouseantiques.co.uk


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Mansion House Antiques & Fine Art has clarified that the Oil Portrait of Prince RAkoczi I of Transylvania (LA81926) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being 1800-1820


The portrait canvas painted surface is clean and taught and has no craquelure of evidence of over painting.There are just two minor tiny patches verso which have no effect on the frontal view. The frame has no repairs or losses and only minor retouching of gilt finish.Item scores 8.5 / 10.

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This Oil Portrait of Prince RAkoczi I of Transylvania is located in Leicestershire, United Kingdom

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