Robert Davaux 'Belgian' Etching 1939 (1 of 4)
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Robert Davaux 'Belgian' Etching 1939

REF: 10069 / LA228272
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Fine quality dry point etching by Belgian artist ROBERT JEAN DAVAUX 1885-1965 'girl with long hair' signed and dated 1939. 25 cms x 22 cms Robert Jean Davaux (ca. 1885 - ca. 1965) was a Belgian painter from the first half of the 20th century. He painted no less than 900 canvases. His preference was for nature on the one hand: landscapes, rows of trees, gardens and the feminine beauty on the other. In 1913 he took part in the Prize of Rome for Painters.Davaux lived and worked in Brussels with his sister Alphonsine Davaux (Inette), but he also painted in other locations: Paris, London, Berlin, etc. He did most of his travels by bicycle or train. Several exhibitions throughout Belgium and far beyond made him a sought-after artist. Besides painting he excelled at glass blowing, engraving and sculpture. He made hundreds of chandeliers out of wrought iron and colored glass. Also numerous pen drawings and engravings. Most of the paintings and engravings by engraver Robert Davaux ended up in private collections and museums as a result of orders and direct sales; the last and also the unfinished works came mainly through his sister Marthe (married to Léon Giot ca 1920) in the hands of the Giot in Melle family ca. 1965. these works are spread throughout Belgium and the north of France.


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