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We have seen a vast rise in the demand for Antique Pocket Watches here at LoveAntiques.com in recent months, which could be down to the popularity of recent period dramas such as Peaky Blinders and Downton Abbey or simply because they make for timeless gifts. Whatever the reason is for this surge in sales, we're sure you'll have your own reason for loving Antique Pocket Watches. Our Dealer of The Month has a deep-rooted love for Antique Pocket Watches that stems from a rather endearing childhood memory. Leslie Licht, the founder of Euro Antique Watches, recalls a fond memory from his childhood where he was sat holding a beautiful Silver IWC Schaffhausen Pocket Watch belonging to his Grandfather, and became transfixed watching the second hand travel steadily around the face of the watch. He had a very close bond with his Grandfather, and when he sadly passed away years later, Leslie inherited this Pocket Watch, so of course, the watch serves as a memory of his dear Grandfather. From then on, Leslie started collecting Pocket Watches and in 1985 this hobby became a business and he established Euro Antique Watches. He started trading at Antiques Fairs, meeting customers and making business contacts, which brought him much enjoyment and great satisfaction, especially when seeing the delight in his customers faces when they purchased one of his Pocket Watches. With times changing and on-line services growing, Leslie made the decision in more recent years to solely trade online, selling mostly Antique Pocket Watches and the occasional clock or pocket watch fob and chain. He takes pleasure in listing new items on LoveAntiques.com and when asked what he enjoys most about the products he sells, he advised us that he mostly enjoys the high-quality technical movements, and is fascinated by the craftsmanship that goes in to these 'true pieces of art' When it comes to customer service, Leslie says, "My motto is: The client is king! I always offer my best service, and as a result I have received a large amount of very positive feedback regarding both service and packaging over the years. Buying at Euro Antique Watches is guaranteed to be a great experience" So whether you're looking for a gift or simply wanting to add to your own collection, make sure you take a look at the superb array of stock on offer from Euro Antique Watches. Check out our website: www.euroantiquewatches.com
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Silver Masonic Pair of Cased Verge Pocket Watch

REF: MasonicVerge / LA497115
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Certified DealerApproved listing760 sales by dealerAvailable for local pick-up
This is a highly detailed George III silver pair cased verge pocket watch with a masonic dial, made in Birmingham, England in 1815. This pocket watch comes with its original winding key and is in excellent condition for its age, making it an ideal gift or masonic collector’s item! Dial:- The dial has black Arabic numerals, outer minute divisions and golden spade hands. Its polychrome painted dial is a rare feature in pocket watches, adding a touch of uniqueness to this historical timepiece. The centre of the dial is adorned with various hand painted masonic emblems including, amongst others, a checkerboard floor, an eye, a sun, moon and stars, a key, a ladder, a beehive and an ark*. Movement:- The unsigned fusee movement has a sprung three-arm flat steel balance, pierced engraved balance cock and round cylindrical pillars. It is numbered 465. The movement is in good working condition but due to its antique nature, we cannot guarantee precise accuracy. Case:- This pocket watch lies in matching silver pair cases. The inside of the case is hallmarked for Birmingham 1815. *These symbols were carefully chosen to represent the moral and philosophical teachings of Freemasonry. Each symbol held its own significance within the masonic tradition, conveying lessons and principles to Freemasons. Are you looking to sell your pocket watch collection? Euro Antique Watches have been in business for over 35 years and are experts in antique pocket watch appraisal. We will be delighted to offer you a competitive price for your valuable collection.
56 mm
148.6 g
Euro Antique Watches has clarified that the Silver Masonic Pair of Cased Verge Pocket Watch (LA497115) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being 1815
Excellent condition. See pictures!
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This Silver Masonic Pair of Cased Verge Pocket Watch is located in United Kingdom
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