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Sterling Silver Canteen of Cutlery for Ten Persons - Antique (1 of 18)
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Sterling Silver Canteen of Cutlery for Ten Persons - Antique

REF: C2652 / LA408419
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Certified DealerApproved listing370 sales by dealer
Certified DealerApproved listing370 sales by dealer
An exceptional, fine and impressive, composite antique English sterling silver Old English Thread pattern flatware service for ten persons; an addition to our antique London silverware collection The pieces of this exceptional, antique sterling silver cutlery set have been crafted in the Old English Thread pattern. The anterior and reverse surfaces of each piece are embellished with thread decoration paralleling the shape of the handle and encompassing the rounded heel. The reverse of each spoon and anterior of each fork features a pip to the handle terminal. This antique silver 10 place cutlery set consists of 73 pieces: Basic Service: 10 Table knives 10 Table forks 10 Table spoons 10 Dessert knives 10 Dessert forks 10 Dessert spoons 10 Teaspoons Additional Pieces: Pair of sauce ladles Serving spoon The pieces of this impressive antique utilitarian London silver service were crafted by a variety of makers: Table forks: Chawner & Co (George William Adams), 1860-1872 Mary Chawner, 1834 Table spoons: Chawner & Co (George William Adams), 1860 Mary Chawner, 1834 Dessert forks: Chawner & Co (George William Adams), 1840 - 1843 Mary Chawner, 1836 Dessert spoons: Chawner & Co (George William Adams), 1837 - 1843 Teaspoons: Charles Eley, 1825 Serving pieces: Mary Chawner, 1834 - 1838 The sterling silver service is presented with a set of vintage table and dessert knives* crafted by C J Vander Ltd in 1950. These impressive examples of antique silverware are supplied in felt cutlery rolls; which not only protect the items in storage but significantly reduces tarnishing. * Predominately all antique silver canteens have replacement knives as the originals have not stood the test of time. Maker: Various Makers Date: 1825 - 1950 Origin: London, England


Table knife 26cm/10.2" Table fork 20.4cm/8" Table spoon 22.2cm/8.7" Dessert knife 21.9cm/8.6" Dessert fork 16.9cm/6.7" Dessert spoon 17.1cm/6.7" Teaspoon 14.5cm/5.7" Sauce ladle 18.9cm/7.4" Serving spoon 28cm/11" Weight: 93.4 troy ounces/2906g (excluding table and dessert knives)


AC Silver has clarified that the Sterling Silver Canteen of Cutlery for Ten Persons - Antique (LA408419) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being 1825-1950


This silver 10 place cutlery set is an exceptional gauge of silver for its type, exceptional quality and in exceptional condition in keeping with age. Each piece has been professionally polished. The surface of some components shows minor signs of erasure but can be considered to be in presentation condition. Full hallmarks struck to the reverse surface of each piece are very clear.

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