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Superb 18 Kt Yellow Gold Open Face Pocket Watch Swiss 1880 (1 of 1)
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Superb 18 Kt Yellow Gold Open Face Pocket Watch Swiss 1880

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Superb 18 Kt Yellow Gold Open Face Pocket Watch Swiss 1880 Worldwide Shipping!!! You are bidding on a superb 18 Kt yellow gold open faced pocket watch, made in Switzerland in 1880. This pocket watch is complete with a key. DIAL: The white enamel dial has black Roman numerals with outer minute divisions. The dial has nice blued steel Breguet hands and a subsidiary seconds dial at the six. MOVEMENT: The Swiss bar lever movement has 13 jewels and a highly polished steel balance. The movement has blued screws and palletts and escape wheel. The movement is a Lepine layout and has a detached lever. The pocket watch is in very good condition however we cannot guarantee accuracy for an antique pocket watch. CASE: The watch lies in an 18 Kt yellow gold case with an engine turned decoration. The four piece hinged case close properly. The inner side of the case and the cuvette are all numbered 8750. As well under the dial there is the same number which shows it is all original. The cuvette is signed: "Detached Lever, 13 Jewels, Parachute & compensation, N° 8750". Swiss Made - 1880 Compensation balance: made of steel or nickel having a brass layer fused on to its outer diameter and cut so as to form bi-metallic “limbs” which, under the influence of a rise or a fall in temperature move correspondingly inwards or outwards relative to centre. By this means compensation is effected for and cut so as to form bi-metallic limbs. Compensation Curb: A device used in some early watches where one index pin is fitted to the index and the other is fitted to a bi-metallic strip, or the end of the strip acts as a pin. The action is that in heat, for instance, the space between the pins is closed, thus making the watch gain when it would otherwise lose and so compensating for a loss in heat. Invented by John Harrison in the early 18th century and much favoured by A. L. Breguet. A similar system was used by the English watch and chronometer makers Arnold and Earnshaw. While satisfactory up to a point, the system has the disadvantage of disturbing the Isochronism (q.v.) of the watch, but this would not be a serious handicap when considering the rating of a watch fitted with a cylinder escapement.


47 MM


Euro Antique Watches has clarified that the Superb 18 Kt Yellow Gold Open Face Pocket Watch Swiss 1880 (LA26667) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being 1880

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