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Victorian Brass Bound Military Chest (1 of 1)
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Victorian Brass Bound Military Chest

REF: LA81719
Here we have this Victorian trunk that would have been used by a British officer to transport his uniforms and valuables around the Empire. This chest is made of teak, a timber that is able to cope with the climate, as well as being resistant to seawater. Resistance to seawater was important, as it would no doubt have been lashed to the deck of ships on its journeys. Not only is this very attractive to the eye by having brass corners, they were important to give strength and protection while this was being loaded and unloaded off of pack horses, wagons and ships. These chests are fantastic to be used in many areas of the home, and inspire children to imagine the adventures this would have gone through, and also the conversations that would be struck up with your family and friends.


56 CM
92 CM
49.5 CM


Hingstons Antiques has clarified that the Victorian Brass Bound Military Chest (LA81719) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being Victorian



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This Victorian Brass Bound Military Chest is located in Salisbury, United Kingdom

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