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Wonderful Pair of Small Watercolour with Truly Extraordinary Sitters (1 of 10)
The Three MusCATeers
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I am a small private dealer with a love for small decorative items predominantly from the Georgian and Victorian periods each with their own beauty. A beauty that is not always expected.
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Wonderful Pair of Small Watercolour with Truly Extraordinary Sitters

REF: LA448920
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Certified DealerApproved listingFree Delivery
Painted on card, I think these portraits are a little too large to be called miniatures with the height of the aperture being approx 10cm they are housed in two same sized frames, but obviously not identical as they are made from completely different woods. Neither of the portraits are signed, but I feel certain they were painted by the same hand and I struggle to believe it is the hand of an amateur but if it was it is an extremely accomplished one. I believe the portraits from the clothes they are wearing would date to circa 1850. He is truly respondent in his blue chequered cravat, beneath which is a wonderful floral painted brooch holding together his jacket. His strawberry blond hair has quite an incredible hairline, and his blond eyelashes are a lovely detail as he stands in front of the white fluffy clouds in a blue sky. The Lady, I think it is fair to say somewhat less flamboyant in style, but I think the portrait portrays a soft and gentle strength to the her. Her dress looks like it is made from some stiff heavy cotton and it is constructed in segments almost like a Suit Armour and heightening this impression for me is the long silver chain hung around her neck. With again blue used for details in her bonnet, and her brooch.
17.5 cm
15 cm
2.5 cm
The Three MusCATeers has clarified that the Wonderful Pair of Small Watercolour with Truly Extraordinary Sitters (LA448920) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being c.1850
Each of the portraits are in very good condition with no foxing that I can see and with the colours still strong and bright. There is fading to one side of his jacket which almost looks like water fell upon the painting before it dried. The frames I think are the original ones with gilt slips. The backing of the Lady had become loose so I had it professionally secured. The ring on the hanger of His frame has been lost at some point and someone has put a ring of twisted wire through as a replacement, I would recommend testing the strength of this before hanging.
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This Wonderful Pair of Small Watercolour with Truly Extraordinary Sitters is located in Kent, United Kingdom

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