10/1/2023, 6:18:8

Rotherham and Sons - Watchmaker

Samuel Vale was working as a watchmaker in 1747 and had founded his watchmaking company by 1750, which was based at 'Spon St in Coventry', from 1776.

In 1790, John Rotherham became a partner in the watchmaking business - which was then called Vale Howlett & Carr.

The firm continued to sell their items into the 20th century, this was achieved through producing other items in addition to watches. After the first world war, they began to focus more on light engineering - recording clocks etc, and by 1933 had ceased production of all but one of their watches. In 1929 they began producing high quality lever platform escapements, which were used by F.W.Elliott Ltd in their domestic clocks, and by Rotherham in other equipment.

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