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Adey B Savory of Cornhill - Clockmaker

AB Savory was established as a goldsmith in 1812 at 14 Cornhill, London by Adey Bellamy Savory who was of Huguenot origin. He soon extended the business – also registering as a dealer in foreign coins in 1815 and then as a manufacturer of flatware in 1831. The firm changed its name to Ab Savory & Sons in 1833 when his sons, Joseph and Albert joined the business. Ab Savory & Sons are recorded in the 1832 Robson’s Street Directory and in the 1848 London Post Office Directory as watchmakers and jewellers at 9 Cornhill and silversmiths and dealers in foreign coins and bullion at 14 Cornhill whilst their manufacturing (electro and Sheffield plate, watches and clocks) was based at 5 Finsbury Place, London. In 1866 A.B. Savory & Sons was converted into a limited liability company and changed its name to Goldsmiths' Alliance Ltd. Besides silverware produced in their own workshop, Goldsmiths' Alliance Ltd retailed pieces made by other goldsmiths and silversmiths. Its wide assortment of silver, Sheffield plate, electroplate, watches, clocks, gold chains, brooches, etc. was advertised in newspapers and periodicals, and in illustrated price-lists sent to all parts of the British empire. Goldsmiths' Alliance Ltd had agents in Bombay, Madras, Calcutta, Ceylon, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart and Melbourne. In 1893 the firm was incorporated into the Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co Ltd.

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