9/24/2023, 3:26:25

Paul Storr - Goldsmith

Paul Storr was a famed English Gold & Silver maker who worked between 1792-1844 and whose work was eagerly purchased by the upper crust of Georgian Society. Storr’s talent first emerged in 1807 when he became a partner in the noted firm of Rundell, Bridge & Rundell. He would only stay with the firm until 1819 when he set up his own workshop, but through their exceptional reputation he became noticed and desired by their wealthy Clients.  

Paul Storr’s long term reputation stands on his mastery of the Neoclassical style and the enduring quality of his exquisite show-pieces created for leading commissions around the UK. At LoveAntiques.com we have a good selection of genuine silverware by Paul Storr being offered by some of the leading dealers in the field.

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