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William Gray of Leicester - Clockmaker

William Gray of Market Place, Leicester was born in 1812 and was a clock and watchmaker and later in life jeweller. Gray served his apprentiship with Leicester master watch and clockmaker William Henfrey, and after he’d served his time, sought to set-up his own horological business soon afterwards. This is also confirmed by the 1841 Census, which records that Gray was a self-employed watch and clockmaker, operating from Market Place in Leicester, from where this timepiece would have been made. 

Gray became very successful in his profession, remaining at Market Place throughout his entire working life. In c1865, he did however move his private residency, to the affluent London Road neighbourhood of Leicester where he lived with his family until his death in 1895, aged 83 years old. He had all but retired from watch and clockmaking by c1860, becoming a well-known prestige jeweller specialising in gold and silver.   

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