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Pair of Chilean

These are a pair of Chilean Singing Huasos Espuelas Spanish Colonial Gaucho Cowboy Spurs They are very decorative look great mounted on a display stand


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Large Mid Century Geometrical Engraving by RAmisia Travassos Sabdin - Rio De Janeiro from Carpe Articulum Interior and Decorative Antiques

This is very decorative Engraving by Ramisia Travassos Sabdin Signed and Numbered Description at the back


$811 €712

Silver Medal, Congress of South American Republics in Lima on 28th October 1864 from Dart Silver Ltd

This is a scarce silver medal medallion from Congress of South American Republics in Lima on 28th October 1864 in excellent order unmarked as was the case with many


$255 €224

Peruvian Silver Picture Frame from Badger Collectables

Lovely example of a stamped Peruvian silver picture frame Nice condition back and front


$71 €62

P Hawrylak - Oil On Canvas of a Wild Semi Desert Landscape- Venezuela from Art & Stuff

This is a very textured and evocative oil painting of a wild and mountainous semi desert landscape full of movement and vigour The tall stringy plants look like ocotillos


$164 €144

Brazilian Bronze Plaque c.1889 from Alphington Antiques & Fine Art

A rare Brazilian bronze plaque of the Brazilian coat of arms It commemorates the proclamation on the 15th November 1889 by Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca of the Republic of the


$366 €322

Map of South America by Tho Kitchin C.1790 from IM Chaney Antique Furniture

Map of South America drawn from the latest and best authorities by Thos KitchinThe map is creased and has a repaired rip in one side and a crease at the

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Pair of South American Chalices from Decades of Antiques

These are an unusual pair of antique South American Chalices with Finger Guards Llama Handles 19th Century but could be much earlier Unmarked but test as silver

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19th Century Folk Art Painted Wooden Polychrome Horse South American from Rams Head Antiques

This is a delightful painted polychrome wooden horse which dates from the mid 19th century The horse is South American in origin possibly Peruvian and is in very good condition

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South American Butterflies from Salisbury Antiques

Offered for sale are these South American Butterflies on revolving case

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Antique Brazilian Leather Travelling Trunk from Marylebone Antiques

Very decorative antique leather bound travelling trunk that looks like it was made in Rio De Janeiro Brazil It must be 19th century its in pretty good condition considering

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