Original Victorian Medical Poster Holloway's Ointment

Original Victorian Medical Poster Holloway's Ointment

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"The Mighty Healer! Holloway's Ointment",

Original poster Size 76 x 50 cm Sold via J. Green chemists, Swindon flourishing in the 1890s.Suspect poster to be 1850's from typeface etc.

Discovered under the floorboards of a building on Wood Street, Swindon formerly the Chemist... all 99% perfect £135 delivered. Yes it is an odd yellow coloured paper.

Thomas Holloway (22 September 1800 – 26 December 1883) was a patent medicine vendor and philanthropist from England.Holloway had business connections with an Italian, Felix Albinolo, who manufactured and sold a general purpose ointment. This gave Holloway the idea to set up a similar business himself in 1837. He began by using his mother's pots and pans to manufacture his ointment in the family kitchen. Seeing the potential in patent medicines, Holloway soon added pills to his range of products. Holloway's business was extremely successful. A key factor in his enormous success in business was advertising, in which Holloway had great faith. Holloway's first newspaper announcements appeared in 1837, and by 1842 his yearly expenses for publicity had reached over £5,000


Height : 76 cm - 29.92 in

Width : 50 cm - 19.69 in


Delicate paper will roll to post in a museum tube. A few have minor edge nicks on the area of the old fold when posted, A few have lighter areas at the base.... none smell of rodent all are clean which in itself is remarkable.

Date of Manufacture :