Antique Stick Barometers

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Solid Oak Stick Barometer, England c.1860 from Worboys Antiques

A solid oak stick barometer dating from the mid 19th Century It has an arch top two turned oak scale indicator knobs and a central thermometer The top ivory scale


$1,222 €1,084

Victorian Stick Barometer by Bithray, Royal Exchange from Kembery Antique Clocks Ltd

This is a Victorian rosewood stick barometer BoneIvorine engraved dial with scale from 27 to 31 A vernier slide adjuster and a mercury bulb thermometer The original cistern cover to

Fine Quality Barometer by Dolland of London from Kembery Antique Clocks Ltd

A fine quality Georgian mercury stick barometer by this noted maker Dolland of London Bookmatched mahogany case veneers The original cistern cover and brass strap An architectural pediment with the


$1,916 €1,699

Georgian Stick Barometer by G. Comoli, Newcastle from Kembery Antique Clocks Ltd

A Georgian period stick barometer An architectural pediment with the original brass finial A mahogany case with matched veneers and satinwood chequered banded case edging The original circular bulb cistern


$1,288 €1,142

Top Quality Victorian Walnut Newcastle Stick Barometer from Sturmans Antiques Ltd

This is a top quality Mid Victorian antique figured walnut stick barometer Bone inverted scales with double vernier marker for yesterday and today readings Matching bone thermometer scale to the


$1,652 €1,464

Rare Victorian Polished Oak London Fitzroy Barometer from Sturmans Antiques Ltd

This is a rare Victorian antique polished oak Fitzroy barometer Made by JHicks of Hatton Gardens London w1861-1900 Glass enamel scales with remote double vernier markers and thermometer scale below


$1,711 €1,517

Mahogany Stick Barometer c.1950 from Harts Antiques

This is a very well made mahogany stick barometer by Russell of Norwich Boxwood and Chevron Shringing with a broken pediment Fully working with no damage to case or mercury


$496 €439

Antique Rosewood Stick Barometer by Bennett London from Town House Traders Ltd

Offered for sale is this antique rosewood stick barometerRosewood case round Cistern cap inlet with ivory tablet with the name of the maker ivory dial signed Bennett London with thermometer


$608 €539

Antique Stick Barometer, Davis Leeds, English, Oak, Scientific Instrument c.1830 from London Fine Ltd

This is an antique stick barometer by Davis of Leeds English oak and dating to the early 19th Century It is of fine quality by renowned maker Davis of Leeds


$2,973 €2,636

Victorian Sheraton Inlaid Newcastle Stick Barometer from Sturmans Antiques Ltd

This is a high quality 19th Century Victorian antique mahogany Sheraton inlaid stick barometer Bone inverted scales with vernier marker to the top Matching thermometer scale to the centre Fruitwood


$1,315 €1,166

Early Negretti & Zambra Met Office Kew Pattern Stick Barometer, England c.1860 from Richard Twort

This is a beautifully restored Kew pattern stick barometer supplied to the Met Office by Negretti Zambra This is a very early working example No 157 would have


$1,916 €1,699

Mercury Barometer by R & J Beck, 68, Cornhill, London England c.1895 from Richard Twort

This is a lovely late-Victorian mercury display barometer by precision instrument makers R J Beck The instrument is set into a solid Oak frame with period carving circular


$1,156 €1,025

Victorian Oak Stick Barometer from Graham Smith Antiques Ltd

This is a 19th Century Scottish Victorian antique oak cased stick barometer with thermometerThe barometer has an ivory engraved weather indicator with the scales and vernier racks and the makers


$2,048 €1,816

Rosewood Ship

This is a middle of the 19th Century antique rosewood and mother of pearl inlaid ships stick barometer which has a brass cistern at its base a rosewood cased thermometer


$2,114 €1,874

Stick Barometer Mahogany Antique c.1780 from Breedon Antiques

Super rare item of quality tube is in perfect condition as is case makers name on the brass work see pictures barometer is devoid of mercury so will need filling


$859 €761

White & Barr Glasgow Mercury Stick Barometer from Kembery Antique Clocks Ltd

A Scottish Victorian period mercury stick barometer A well carved pediment and bevelled glass to the dial The original vernier scale adjuster to the mahogany case A mercury thermometer to

Oak Stick Barometer - White & Barr, Glasgow c.1880 from Athey Antiques

This is a nice example of a Victorian oak stick barometer by White Barr 1 Renfield Street Glasgow It has a pagoda shaped top rectangular cased thermometer and mercury


$1,051 €931

Miners Stick Barometer, England c.1930 from Worboys Antiques

This is a plain solid oak case stick barometer having canted corner detailing and light colour It has a white dial with inchs of mercury and a Fahrenheit thermometer signed


$562 €498