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Rare Antique Silver Triple Snuff Box (1 of 1)
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Rare Antique Silver Triple Snuff Box

REF: 1510 / LA78224
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This is a rare antique sterling silver triple snuff box made by D Bros and hallmarked in Birmingham 1911. The opening flap to the first compartment has interior gilding (as does the second) and to the front the name Paul Pry and a comical character in top hat and tails with an umbrella. The character Paul Pry was the title of a play first performed in 1825 and he was a meddlesome, interfering and nosey man but such was his popularity that his image was subsequently used on all sorts of merchandise - signs,porcelain,pubs, Doulton figures etc and even in an oil painting which is now at the Victorian & Albert Museum, London. I describe this triple snuff box as rare but as I have been unable to trace another it may possibly be unique.it is beautifully made with a heavy gauge of silver - certainly one for the collectors.


3.5 CM
1.5 CM
6.2 CM
87 G


Wentworth Silver has clarified that the Rare Antique Silver Triple Snuff Box (LA78224) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being 1911


It is in very good condition and all parts close perfectly. There is no damage or repair just some minor surface marks. The snuff box is a superb piece of silver engineering having 3 separate compartments from a shaped outer case and all 3 are clearly hallmarked.

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This Rare Antique Silver Triple Snuff Box is located in WARWICKSHIRE, UK

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