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Benjamin Laver - Silversmith

Benjamin Laver was a silversmith active during the 18th Century. He is first recorded as an apprentice to Thomas Heming in 1751 completing his apprenticeship in 1764.

His son William was apprenticed to him in 1774 and he is recorded as a ‘largeplate worker’ in New Bond Street. It appears he operated from here between 1769-1779 until he moved to St. George’s, Hanover Square where he is recorded as working when his second son Thomas was apprenticed to him in 1780.

He didn’t enter his own mark with the Assay Office until 1781 when he had moved to Bruton Street in Berkeley Square. With this in mind it’s likely that he was working as a ‘jobbing’ silversmith for Thomas Heming until he took on his own businesses and registered his own marks. He continues to be recorded as working at Bruton Street until 1800.

His work is regarded to be of a good standard.

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