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Rare Scottish "FIDELITER" Opaque Twist Wine Glass C1760 (1 of 7)
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Rare Scottish "FIDELITER" Opaque Twist Wine Glass C1760

REF: MW2022081756 / LA432808
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Certified DealerApproved listing
Technical Description A rare opaque twist wine glass dating to c1760. It has a large Ogee bowl engraved with a cross hatched interlaced vesica band around the rim with the word Fideliter (Latin for faithful or trustworthy) above a dexter arm vested and holding a sword with a distinctive indented or serrated back edge. The crest is attributed to two Scottish families, Hamilton of Wishaw and Hamilton of Newton. The glass comes with a letter from The College of Arms in London sent to Mr Wallis in 2012 confirming their findings after Mr Wallis sent a photograph to them asking for help in identifying the crest. This will be supplied with the glass and a photograph of the letter is included below. Sits on a double series opaque twist stem consisting of a pair of spiral tapes outside a gauze. Probably unique, we have never come across another example of this glass. Date & Origin England, c1760. Period of George III. Condition No chips cracks or restoration Dimensions Height: 16.1cm Rim diameter: 6cm , Foot diameter: 7.7cm. Comments This glass comes from the Michael Wallis collection which took over 45 years to build and contains over 250 drinking glasses, covering all forms from the 18th century, many exceptionally rare. They will all be presented by Exhibit over the coming weeks and months


16.1 cm
7.7 cm


Exhibit Antiques & Collectibles has clarified that the Rare Scottish "FIDELITER" Opaque Twist Wine Glass C1760 (LA432808) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being 1760


No chips cracks or restoration

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This Rare Scottish "FIDELITER" Opaque Twist Wine Glass C1760 is located in United Kingdom

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