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Auguste Moreau - Maker

Auguste Moreau (b.1834-d.1917) was a leading artist in the Art Nouveau movement. Born in Dijon to famed sculptor Jean-Baptiste Moreau, Auguste would join the dynasty of artistic Moreau family members each highly accomplished in their own right. As well as training under his father, the young Auguste Moreau would study under Aimé Millet, Augustin Drumont and Jean Thomas. Specialising in bronze sculptures, he first exhibited his work at the Salon de Beaux-Artes in Paris in 1861. It was a time of great Artistic energy in France and Auguste’s work became noted for his exceptional naturalism and graceful forms. By the end of the Century he would become a noted proponent of the Art Nouveau movement creating figural and allegorical scenes out of bronze often using his own filigree technique.

Today Auguste Moreau’s very accomplished works are keenly collected and exhibited in National Collections around the world. While the style of his pieces may overlap with other members of the Moreau family authentic pieces should be clearly signed by him. At LoveAntiques we have a fine selection of bronzes by Auguste Moreau as well as other leading Art Nouveau sculptors.

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