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Royal Doulton Porcelain Figurine Lady Miss Demure. Perfect from Hodgson Antiques Limited

Designed by leading artist Leslie Harradine and was issued from 1930 - 1975 this attractive early example was hand painted and its back stamp indicates the year of production was


$112 €95

Royal Doulton John Peel Toby Jug from Badger Collectables

This is a large John Peel Royal Doulton Toby jug It is exceptional condition


$40 €34

Royal Doulton Floral Pattern Bowl from Bridport Antiques

This is a lovely example of a Royal Doulton Bowl believed to be hand painted by the designer Gladys Joyce in the 1930s


$165 €140

Royal Doulton Vase from Bridport Antiques

A stunning example of an Art Nouveau antique period vase Unusually in a mottled green finish with blue and beige accent with beaded decorations Impressed with the makers mark and


$103 €87

Royal Doulton Slater Vase Art Nouveau from Prior & Willis Antiques

Antique large Royal Doulton Slater vase Art NouveauLovely quality vase a touch of class Would look amazing in the right location


$455 €386

Unusual Doulton Lambeth Flambe Vase from Jo Brayshaw

Unusual Doulton Lambeth Flambe Vase Not your usual chunky Royal Doulton quite a fine vase with a beautiful rich flamb colourglaze Good clear back stamp for Royal Doulton Flambe this


$191 €162

Antique Royal Doulton Stamped Hunting Scenes Lidded Tobacco Cigar Jar from Bargain Garden Antiques

This is a fine rare mid 19th Century Victorian antique Royal Doulton stamped earthenware hunting scenes lidded tobacco cigar jar which has a white pottery overlay sporting hunting characters Fox


$481 €409

Large Royal Doulton Vase from KindaoldByJim

This is a large Royal Doulton blue and white vase depicting a lady playing a guitar with gilt rim 39cm high in good condition


$137 €116

Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Iris Pattern Vase by Rosina Brown c.1895 from Antique Ethos

A particularly lovely and beautifully executed Doulton Lambeth stoneware vase by Rosina Brown Art Nouveau tubelined design of irises encircling the body of the vase on a deep blue ground


$541 €459

Royal Doulton

This Royal Doulton figurine of The Balloon Man makes a lovely addition to the balloon family and in particular sits well with the Old Balloon Seller HN 1315 He sits


$46 €39

Royal Doulton

Offered for sale is Royal Doulton figure The Old Balloon Seller Reg HN1315 This is one of the most well known of all Royal Doulton figurines it depicts an old


$46 €39

Royal Doulton Dragonfly Vintage Paperweight from Elder Books/Ross Old Books, Print & Map Shop

This is a vintage hand crafted paperweight by Royal Doulton with faceted sides and top A dragonfly etched in the base lacks the original stick on label no makers mark


$99 €84

Pair of Huge Doulton Slaters Patent Stoneware Vases from KindaoldByJim

These are a pair of huge Doulton Slaters Patent stoneware vases Each with trumpet necks decorated with stylised floral sprays between a brown glazed ground impressed factory marks and numbered


$317 €269

Large Royal Doulton Vase c.1900 from Graham Smith Antiques Ltd

This is a late 19th to early 20th century Royal Doulton pottery vase which has a blue glaze to the top and lower part and has a band of decorative


$376 €319

Doulton Burslem Fine Porcelain Trio c.1897 from Penrose Antiques Ltd

We have for sale a very attractive Victorian Doulton Burslem moulded porcelain trio which consist of a teacup saucer and side plate all decorated with blue flowers on a white


$59 €50

Royal Doulton

This is a middle of the 20th Century Royal Doulton Flamb pottery model of an Asian elephant The figure has the Royal Doulton mark underneath and is in good undamaged


$349 €297

Royal Doulton Spill Vase from Bridport Antiques

This is an extremely decorative spill vase by Royal Doulton This vase features unusual bead working and simulated copper effects and is from the first period that Royal Doulton existed


$106 €90

Royal Doulton Posy Vase from Bridport Antiques

This is an excellent example of a small Lambeth ware posy vase by Royal Doulton


$103 €87

Royal Doulton Vase from Bridport Antiques

This exceptional vase by Royal Doulton is Lambeth ware and is in the Slater Style


$169 €143

Royal Doulton Arabian Nights Series Sandwich Plate c.1909 from The Antique Seller

Royal Doulton Arabian Nights series sandwich plate of Ali Baba design It is colourful and beautifully presented mentioned for accuracy old glaze crack to reverse It has very minor not


$125 €106

Royal Doulton

This retired Royal Doulton figurine was produced between 1958-1991 It is entitled Nanny and shows a childrens nanny in uniform mending an old teddy bear surrounded by her work basket


$99 €84

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