12/6/2023, 17:45:5

Meissen - Ceramic Maker / Designer

The crossed swords which denote the Meissen Factory are eagerly sought out by connoisseurs and collectors who recognise the superior quality of their porcelain. Established in 1710 in the German town of Meissen, the factory which took its name created the first high quality porcelain outside of the Orient. This allowed them to create an unrivalled client base from among the European Nobility which was backed up by their dedication to excellence in their wares. 

Meissen are most well known for their finely painted and gilded tableware as well as their 18th Century inspired figures. While the finest antique Meissen can be worth well over £100,000 now, the breadth of their products means there are many more beautiful antique and vintage Meissen items to choose from to suit any pocket. At LoveAntiques.com we have an excellent range of Meissen Porcelain all from trusted and knowledgeable sellers.

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