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Giles Grendy - Cabinet-maker

Giles Grendey was a London based cabinet maker who was born in in Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, Giles Grendey and was the son of William and Anne (neé Hall) Grendey. In 1709 he was apprenticed to William Sherborne and made free of the Joiners' Company in 1716. By 1726 he was indenturing his own apprentices, one called Christopher Petfield, who petitioned at the Middlesex General Sessions to be discharge from his apprenticeship and for repayment of the ‘consideracon money’ of £5. Apparently suffering great abuse at the hands of his master, the order for discharge recorded that Grendey ‘beat Petfield in a very barbarous manner, sometimes with a great stick and at other times knocking him downe and then kicking him in the face and other parts and in stead of learning him his trade of Joyner sett him to sawing large timber which noe ways relates to the trade and hath likewise often theatened to be the death of the S.D Peter’.  He died in 1780.

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