Antique Chairs - Types

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Antique Chairs - Types

Antique Armchairs

Antique Armchairs for sale

Antique armchairs are chairs with arm rests belonging to, made in, or typical of an earlier period of a hundred years or older, to make the chair an antique.

Antique Balloon Back Chairs

Antique Balloon Back Chairs for sale

Antique balloon back chairs get their name from the rounded shoulders of the back which resemble that of a balloon. The balloon shape is complimented by its nipped-in waist and curved crosspiece.

Antique Bergere Chairs

Antique Bergere Chairs for sale

Upholstered armchair, built for comfort, with closed sides, which may be made from cane. Seat is long, wide and cushioned; back can be high or low, square, round, curved or conical. The Bergère chair was developed in France around 1725 and flourished throughout the 18th century.

Antique Childs Chairs

Antique Childs Chairs for sale

Antique childs chairs are defined by being chairs suitable for children of the age. The chairs are made from an earlier period.

Antique Club Chairs

Antique Club Chairs for sale

Popular in the 1920s and 1930s and exceptionally comfortable, these Art Deco chairs are leather with generously padded seats, backs and arms.

Antique Corner Chairs

Antique Corner Chairs for sale

An 18th-century, square-seated armchair, with a semi-circular rail on top. Legs are straight or cabriole and the front leg may be more ornate than the others. Nestles easily into the corner of a room.

Antique Country Chairs

Antique Country Chairs for sale

Antique Country are pieces that we largely made for churches, great houses and those of successful merchants and were influenced by the styles and characteristics of early furniture examples from renaissance Europe.

Antique Desk Chairs

Antique Desk Chairs for sale

Antique desk chairs are often upholstered with green or red leather and use a swivel mechanism. Early example of desk chairs do not have wheels.

Antique Dining Chairs

Antique Dining Chairs for sale

Antique Dining Chairs give a sense of history and tradition to a dining room. When considering buying an antique dining chair look for high quality craftsmanship, the historical significance and a unique design.

Antique Elbow Chairs

Antique Elbow Chairs for sale

Antique Elbow Chairs have a low back and horizontal seat meaning they're a fantastic chair for the dining tabel or even the desk.

Antique Fauteuil Chairs

Antique Fauteuil Chairs for sale

This means ‘armchair’ in French. First made in France in the late 1600s, at the end of Louis XIV’s time, a fauteuil is upholstered with open sides. It evolved into a lighter, but more ornate form over the next 200 years. A ‘fauteuil `a la reine’ has a high, square back.

Antique Hall Chairs

Antique Hall Chairs for sale

Antique Hall Chairs are designed to fit in the hallway, and come in many different varying styles but typically has a wide seat. Hall chairs are not made to be comfortable for prolonged periods of time, and are generally used as brief resting chairs.

Antique Kitchen Chairs

Antique Kitchen Chairs for sale

Antique Kitchen Chairs are chairs from an earlier period or era that are generally used in the kitchen. Traditionally they would not have been as well decorated as their fancier counterparts dining chairs but are nonetheless beautiful and unique in their own right.

Antique Library Chairs

Antique Library Chairs for sale

Antique Library Chairs are very comfortable chairs often with a soft back and horizontal to allow people to sit for long periods of time to read.  Antique Library Chairs are often wood framed with a soft leather back and seat. 

Antique Nursing Chairs

Antique Nursing Chairs for sale

Made from oak, rosewood or walnut, these low and partly-upholstered chairs have been used since Victorian times by mothers feeding their infants. The seat is sprung, often buttoned and adorned with braid. Legs may be cabriole or spindle.

Antique Office Chairs

Antique Office Chairs for sale

Antique Office Chairs are the perfect compliment to an office environment. Office chairs are generally comfortable for sitting down for long periods and dark in colour.

Antique Pair of Chairs

Antique Pair of Chairs for sale

Antique Pairs of Chairs are chairs designed in pairs. They are a good choice for giving a symmetrical feel to a room. They come in many different shapes and sizes to suit most chair needs.

Antique Rocking Chairs

Antique Rocking Chairs for sale

Antqique Rocking Chairs have been around since late-17th-century England, but grew in popularity in the American colonies during the early 18th century. Some of the earliest rocking chairs were formed from regular chains with wooden rockers added to their legs.

Antique Set of Chairs

Antique Set of Chairs for sale

Antique chairs are often sold in sets to keep them together as a collection as originally intended by the makers. Sets of chairs are great when buying with parties or big rooms in mind.

Antique Tub Chairs

Antique Tub Chairs for sale

Antique Tub Chairs get their name from their round back support. They come in various different styles and sizes, with the most popular being the leather tub chair.

Antique Windsor Chairs

Antique Windsor Chairs for sale

Legend has it that King George II, seeking shelter from a storm, arrived at a peasant cottage and was given one of these light, wooden, multi-spindled chairs to sit on. Its comfort and simplicity impressed him so much, he told his own chairmaker to copy the design and the Windsor chair was born. The seat is sculpted, the back reclines gently and the legs splay outwards.

Antique Wing Chairs

Antique Wing Chairs for sale

Tall, upholstered, with side panels or wings either side of the back and closed panels under the arms. Legs may be straight or cabriole with claw-and-ball feet. Associated with Chippendale, Hepplewhite and Sheraton. Also known as grandfather chair.

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