Item of the Week - Antique Tan Leather Suitcases

This beautiful pair of tan leather suitcases are the perfect set of luggage for those seeking to travel in style.  The antique Victorian suitcases come in two sizes; medium and large. The date of manufacture isn’t specified exactly, but it has been clarified that they are Victorian.

Antique Tan Leather Suitcases

The tan colour of the suitcases is particularly attractive and they are in excellent condition. The initials A.H. are embossed on the front side of the suitcase and they still feature their brass locks. The corners of the suitcase are reinforced to ensure that they are hardwearing and practical.

This pair of suitcases would be ideal for transporting one’s personal belongings, whether you are travelling by car or plane. The pair of antique suitcases are extremely attractive, they may also be used as an alternative place for storage, whether it be for books or important documents, they can be placed as an accessory in a room as well as being used for their original purpose. Salisbury Antiques are selling these suitcases for a very reasonable £790.


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