Item of the Week - Solid Silver Epergne c.1924

When it comes to brightening up your home, nothing does so better than a pretty floral display, but instead of opting for the more conventional vase to showcase your favourite fresh flowers, why not consider an Epergne

If you weren’t already aware Epergnes are ornamental stands often used as centrepieces to hold flowers and fruit and in some instances were also used as candleholders. They were, and still are most predominantly placed on dining tables but of course, they are not limited to this. This week we have chosen this simple yet extremely stylish Silver Epergne for our Item of the Week. Perhaps more suited to holding flowers, it displays 3 long stem vases, two of which are removable.

During their earliest days of manufacture, Epergnes were mostly made from silver but in later years glass was used, and designs became far more extravagant, with vast arrays of colours being employed. They varied quite greatly in styles with some having multiple flutes/branches, bonbon trays on the bottom & even hanging baskets. A popular choice for many a household especially during Victorian times, an Epergne made for a wonderfully eyecatching centrepiece with or without anything in it. This one however, is simple in its design yet still oozes sophistication and glamour.  

The larger, trumpet shaped vase sits at the centre with the two smaller removable vases attached delicately either side; the removable feature offers you great versitility as your flower display can be smaller by soley using the singular vase, or can be made to look fuller simply by adding on the two smaller vases.  Each vase has a gently fluted rim. The base on this particular piece is hallmarked for Chester 1924 with the maker's mark of Clark & Sewell (James Clark & John Sewell). 

So whether you are looking for a slightly less conformist vase to add to your home furnishings or simply something to enhance your dining table this could be just what you need.

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