Item of the Week - A Good Welsh Victorian Pitch Pine Variable Church Bench

The beauty of Antiques is that they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and condition. When buying an antique, you are buying a piece of history, it is then up to you what you do with it; do you keep it in its original condition and admire its historical form, or do you restore it to its former glory and prolong its life span for another hundred years or so?

This weeks’ ‘Item of the Week’ has been chosen for its rustic charm. Discovered in a Baptist Church in a small Welsh Village, this Victorian pitch pine variable church bench is simplistic yet oozes charm and personality. It has been left in its original condition so could make for a great restoration project or could simply be enjoyed for what it is; a wonderful example of a Victorian Antique.      

This bench would probably be best suited to a country style home or cottage, but equally, wouldn’t look out of place integrated in to a more modern space (with some scatter cushions to brighten it up perhaps, as per the picture), or as the seller states, it could even be ‘good for commercial use.’

It boasts an exciting feature, most commonly seen on railway benches, whereby the back rest of the seat can be flipped over to the reverse side – you could therefore move it to the opposite side of your hallway or kitchen for example, without having to lift and turn it a full 360 degrees (great if it isn’t a particularly wide space!).

Despite its’ historical marks and imperfections representative of its age, this delightful bench is a robust and sturdy piece with lots of life left in it.

It is being sold by Billy Hunt for £210


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