Item of The Week - Edmund H. Niemann Landscape Oil 'Nr Knaresboro'

There’s nothing quite like a piece of Landscape Art to bring life to a room, a space, an empty wall even. So this week we have chosen this delightful painting as our ‘Item of The Week’ as we are simply struck by its splendour and beauty.

This panoramic Oil on Canvas was created in the late 19th Century by the artist Edmund Henry Dedrick Niemann (1842-1910), and it depicts the River Nidd Valley on what appears to be a bright Autumnal or perhaps Summers day.  The wispy splayed clouds & small flock of birds coasting through the sky help to create a certain serenity to the painting, and sit beautifully above the captivating landscape below where we see the River Nidd winding its way through the Valley below.

Looking down over a snippet of the Yorkshire Dales this scenic painting teases you with a distant image of Knaresborough Castle to the left, a historic stronghold for many a Medieval King which we’re sure was unlikely to have looked so tranquil back in its heyday(!), and to the right we see just the tip of a Country Cottage.    

The beautiful layers of colour at the forefront of the painting are subtle and yet so pleasing on the eye and naturally increase in depth as the painting draws your eye further afield.  

This superb piece of Art sits in a 3 ½ inch ornate gilt frame and slip, and would make a wonderful addition to your home.

It is being offered for sale by Studio RT Limited for £695


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