Item of The Week - Daum 'Forest in Winter' Vase c.1910

Deciding on the décor of your home can be a big decision, especially as you have to live with this décor day in, day out. Choosing a theme, a colour and a style can take months to finalise, and choosing the accessories shouldn’t be any less important; it’s these accessories that can help complete the look, so it’s worth investing in some key, statement pieces. For this weeks Item of the week, we have chosen this Daum 'Forest in Winter' Vase c.1910

Of course, it is perfect for this time of year and would undoubtedly blend in with your seasonal Christmas Décor with its wintery scene over its entirety, but we see this stunning antique vase being an all year-round accessory that is certain to draw attention from visitors to your home.

At first glance, you may, as we did, feel that it emits a slightly eerie feel with the bare, wispy trees at the forefront, but the warm yellow and orange tone of the sky in the background eases this feel and softens the appearance of the scene depicted on the vase, creating a much more comforting vibe.

This is a very rare example of this sizable pedestal shape vase, and was made in 1910 by Auguste and Antonin Daum; artistic siblings whose glassware was popular during the late 19th Century and early 20th century. This is a typical example of the kind of works they produced and is a bold piece to bring in to your home. It could be used for decoration purposes or you could use it as an actual vase to display a floral arrangement; either way, it will brighten up any living space and bring charm and character to which ever room it is situated in.

If you are looking to enhance your home with just a few delightful pieces, make this one of them.

This vase is being sold by Hardymans for £4,250


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