Item of The Week - Pair of Recumbent Bronze Lions c.1930

Today is World Lion Day and so, to help pay tribute to one of the most majestic animals to have walked the planet, we thought it was only right to select this fabulous Pair of Recumbent Bronze Lions for our 'Item of The Week'

World Lion Day was founded by Big Cat Rescue, one of the largest sanctuaries dedicated to big cats, and is one of the newer of the 'World Day's.' It is intended for people from around the globe to celebrate and pay tribute to these wonderful animals, so we have chosen these magnificent Garden Ornaments as our tribute. But unlike the popular African Lions, these big cats originate from Norfolk!

Born in 1930 these Lions were obtained from a large Norfolk Estate. They appear to have survived many a British season as the patina on them is weathered yet charming and adds to their character. They are a matching pair with their tails on opposite sides to their bodies so they would be perfectly suited to lay either side of a gate, a doorway or a large window perhaps. These large ornaments will add a somewhat superior feel to your garden and will provide a fantastically fierce welcome for all guests to your home. Laying in a proud position, they ooze superiority and will stand guard day in, day out.

The beauty of ornaments such as these is that they were built to last and the way in which bronze tarnishes is actually rather attractive & intriguing, and unlike some garden furniture & decor, they can be left outside all year long.

This Pair of Lions is being sold by Carson & Draper for £6,500


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