Item of The Week - 18th Century French Commode

As you probably know by now, here at, we love all things old; the older the better. We have a great fondness for all Antiques and a strong appreciation for things that were built to last, and Antique Furniture certainly was built to do just that. Just because it's 'old' doesn't mean that it's not durable, and to prove this, just take a look at our Item of The Week. 

This striking French Commode dates from the 18th Century and is a fine example of just how good the craftsmen of yesteryear were. Of large proportions, this magnificent Antique Chest of Drawers has already enjoyed many years use and undoubtedly has many more ahead of it too. You will see from the photos that this isn't a perfect antique chest of drawers and it does of course come with minor age related imperfections, but we're sure you'll agree that these 'flaws' for want of a better word, give this piece a certain rustic charm that simply adds to its beauty.

At a first glance, you'd be forgiven for thinking that this sturdy Antique Commode houses 4 drawers, two short over two long, but look closely and you will discover a 5th, rather charming secret drawer nestled in between the two smaller drawers. The outer edge of each of the drawers (except for the secret drawer) has been painted cream as has the bold carved detailing on each drawer face, the carved sides and the edging all around the upper surface of the Commode. This tastefully complements the overall rich, darker paint that has been used over its entirety. The handles on the drawers are stunningly crafted in the form of garlands with ribbon detailing and the locks bear the same ribbon design. This Chest of Drawers has been crafted in serpentine form, so the front of the unit is beautifully curved giving it a subtle air of French elegance.

Old? Yes. Outdated? Definitely not! Antique Furniture may be old but that's not to say it can't be stylish or work in the modern home, and this beautiful piece is the perfect example of this. When buying a piece of antique furniture, you're not buying 'old' what you're actually buying is a piece of history, and something rather unique.   

This well-built Commode is for sale from Llewelyn & Company for £3,800, LA144124.


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