Item of the Week- Rare 'The Count of Monte Cristo' Books 1846

Something great about antique books is the way quite unassuming leather or cloth bindings can contain some of the most fascinating and iconic stories ever!

This rare pair of books contain Volume I & II of ‘Le Comte de Monte-Cristo’ by Alexander Dumas printed in 1846. A classic tale of unfair imprisonment, swashbuckling, wealth, love and intrigue it was an instant success for Dumas and remains a firm favourite to this day. Amazingly there have been over 40 screen adaptations of this story as well.

Alexander Dumas first began releasing his Count of Monte-Cristo story in 1844 as an 18-part serial via the French magazine 'Journal Des Debates', and then as its own book from 1846. These two volumes offered are the 1st illustrated edition from 1846 as well as the first to spell the title correctly (spelled ‘Cristo’ instead of misspelled ‘Christo’ by others). 

This item is for sale from The Treasure Chest Harrogate Ltd .

Whether you are a bibliophile, have always loved this story, or just can’t get enough of these beautifully aged bindings - then this rare pair of books may be for you. Alternatively, why not shop for other vintage & antique books for sale online at