AntiquesBlogItem Of The Week - Antique Suffragette Pendant c.1910

Item Of The Week - Antique Suffragette Pendant c.1910

Antique Suffragette Pendant c.1910

A beautifully crafted pendant from a fascinating time in social history, this stunning necklace is in 15ct gold, it is hallmarked on the back of the pendant and is thought to date circa 1910. A substantial pendant it is still delicate and elegant in its appearance, the colours in the piece are typical of suffragette jewellery of the time; the colours purple, green and white representing the women’s political movements cause.

Antique Suffragette Pendant c.1910

The purple amethyst in the item symbolizes dignity and freedom, the green peridot stone stood for hope and the white seed pearls conveyed the purity of the women involved in the political fight. This antique pendant is the perfect present for a woman who loves political and social history.  It is not only a reminder of a time when women fought for the right to vote but also an striking focal point on a woman’s decolletage, as well as an interesting talking point.

This pendant conveys a compelling moment in recent history, a time when there was a societal shift of attitude towards women’s rights, documented through fashionable jewellery. The undeniable craftsmanship of this pendant makes for the perfect gift for a special woman in your life, whether it is your mother, sister, daughter or partner.